Currently I am in my final year of undergraduate studies at LABAN. Throughout my formal education and extra curricular activities I have most prominently become excited and stimulated by Improvisation and more specifically Contact Improvisation, and this is a technique that I often adopt as a creative catalyst when working alone and collaboratively. I have collaborated with artists from various different backgrounds and would consider myself a multidisciplinary artist, focusing on using my experience of established dance techniques, theatre and voice. Improvisation as performance particularly interests me both as a performer and choreographer, using this form of practice has given me the chance to experiment with the nature of reaction to make for some chaotic and amusing experiences.  

Promoting non-elitist performance is something I strive to uphold when creating work. The absurdity, mundanely and juxtaposing formality of artists in movements such as Dada and Fluxes are still relevant to contemporary dance culture and I like to adopt rules and restraints in performance. Much like Fluxes’ chairman George Maciunas, when asked directly what I am interested in I too want to make confusing unintelligible noises. 

Some artists that I have been influenced by include Martin O’Brien and Matthias Sperling. I have recently worked with multi-disciplinary artist Franko B on Because of Love, and on sculptor Leah Capaldi’s Prop. I have worked on projects with trained musicians from Trinity Music School, and danced for photography in visual art books. I have created and performed work with Kompanie Marjansdottir that has been shown in the UK and Sweden. I am currently working collectively as a choreographer on a series of improvised performances using an orchestra, actors, designers and visual artists.